Santa Cruz Comics, blood-splattered tales of horror, bawdy satire, and spoof ads. ホラー Санта Круз Комикс, который иллюстрировает страшные истории и политическые драмы 
Upcoming Manga #2 Six Stories & Spoof Ads Spring Internship

Against the Wall

Back in Mexico, Pedro and his new cohort make another bid for the border.

Devil Girl is released from purgatory into Santa Cruz!

Charisse Lo, Chloe Calhoun,
Courtney Chavez, Janell Mora,
Joyce Lin, Nick Yi,
Reshma Zachariah, Romeo Jung,
Tiffany Phan & Douglas Bragdon


The Ghost Hunters risk their necks in this first episode!

Fairy & Troll pursue a murderous giant octopus and a cult of cannibal corn dog worshipers.
How Not to Be a Firefighter

Firefighters face horrors more challenging than raising dalmations. Based on actual events! One in a series of How Not to _____.

In this second episode of Life on Mars, Rikki vies for a promotion, chafing under the hell of the drill sargeant. With artists Dave Wallace and Chloe Calhoun.