Santa Cruz Comics, blood-splattered tales of horror, bawdy satire, and spoof ads. サンタクルーズ漫画はトランプの政治的な政策に対する Санта Круз Комикс, который иллюстрировает страшные истории и политическые драмы 
Upcoming Manga #2 Six Stories & Spoof Ads 48 Pages

Against the Wall

Back in Mexico, Pedro and his new cohort make another bid for the border.

Devil Girl

A victim of Manga #1's Moscow Hitman is released from purgatory into Santa Cruz as a female devil. Artists:
Charisse Lo, Chloe Calhoun,
Courtney Chavez, Janell Mora,
Joyce Lin, Nick Yi,
Reshma Zachariah, Romeo Jung,
& Tiffany Phan

Ghost Hunters

The Ghost Hunters risk their necks in this first episode!

Fairy & Troll pursue murderous giant octopus and a cult of cannibal corn dog worshipers.
How Not to Be a Firefighter

Firefighters face horrors more challenging than raising dalmations. Based on actual events! One in a series of How Not to _____.

In this second episode of Life on Mars, Rikki vies for a promotion, chafing under the hell of the drill sargeant. With artists Dave Wallace and Chloe Calhoun.