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Latest Manga #1 Six Stories & Spoof Ads 48 Pages

Against the Wall

Pedro's parents were killed by criminals near their village in Mexico, leaving him destitute. Can he make it through the coyotes and desert to his aunt in Los Angeles?

Московная Убийца

Yuri thinks of himself as a refined consultant, yet he's a contract killer. Here he avenges treason.


Tokyo Ghost Story
Left in the suicide forest with a broken ankle, our protagonist suffers a premature demise, returning to haunt those who left her, hungry for their blood.

Fairy & Troll pursue a murderous giant octopus and a cult of cannibal corn dog worshipers. By Douglas Bragdon with UCSC artists:
Janell Mora
Tony Caudillo-Leiva
Annette Yao
Gian Paredes
Anan Ma

How Not to Surf

How Not to Surf is a short guide to things beginning surfers should avoid lest they suffer grievous injury. Inspired by actual events! One in a series of How Not to _____.

Life on Mars is a transgender sci fi story about the struggles endured by an individual working as an asteroid pilot to obtain gender reassignment surgery. Writing & art by Doug Bragdon with artist Thovatey Tep, formerly of UCSC.